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More Than a Boutique

And just why is that? As boutique owner, it is my mission to spread the affirmation “I Am, I Can” to teenage girls in our community. Of course teenage girls love to shop for the latest trends in fashion, which helps how stylish and good looking they are on the outside. However, I believe it is a priority and much more important for girls to feel equally beautiful on the inside.

At iConcepta Boutique, we provide cute apparel, room decor and accessories. Our goal is also to provide events, programs, and opportunities for girls to discover their identity which is based on who they believe they are, as a uniquely created and gifted being. The “I Am, I Can” programs are all about exploring their true identity, discovering their unique gifts, talents and skill-sets.  Then we go a step further and coach on how to use their strengths and how to handle their weaknesses. A masterpiece in the making. An experience that will confidently launch each teen girl into becoming the beautiful, self-confident, secure, authentic woman with purpose.

Our Affirmation Calendar features girls from all types of backgrounds,…a cheerleader from Sanford, a recording artist from Nashville, a sophomore from Belfast or even Miss Maine Teen USA. These girls are stepping out of their comfort zones and being an inspiration to others! Throughout the year we accept photos for the next Affirmation Calendar. All profits go towards our Scholarship Fund. (see below)

"As you can see, iConcepta Boutique is so much more than cute clothes. It is my hope and prayer to have the community band together to support the “I Am, I Can” mission. 

Click here for a video from the owner, Concepta 

 College Scholarship

Our Scholarship Fund is awarded to a girl graduating from our local high school (Belfast Area High School, Belfast, ME). All profits from our Affirmation Calendar go towards this fund.

If you wish to contribute to our "I Am! I Can!" efforts or in need of more information, please contact us at 

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